that IS annoying

From the Top 10 annoying things that photographers say to each other:
4. All of my work is available as limited edition Giclée prints.
  • So your printer sprays droplets of ink at the paper? Wow! That’s exactly what my inkjet printer does.
  • Giclée is French don’t ‘cha know. It’s pronounced “zhee-clay” and it sounds pretentious. IMHO.
and of course, the all-time classic, and deservedly Number One on the list:
1. Dude! Did you get this shot?
This is a common question from the serial chimper. You know, the person you’re out shooting with who is continually chimping their images (looking at the LCD and then pointing and saying ”ooh, ooh, ooh” when they see something they like). They’ll call out when they find a photograph they think is great and you might have missed. And, don’t call me dude!
via Paul Burwell

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