Faces in the crowd

Simon Hogsberg, a freelance photographer based in Copenhagen, has released the latest in his very engaging series of projects. This one is called "We're All Gonna Die -- 100 Meters of Existence."

Hogsberg has produced a 100-meter-long compilation that was shot over the course of 20 days in 2007 from a bridge overlooking a railroad platform in Berlin. The online presentation has a very cool slider that allows you to linger over portions of the photograph. (Look for the couple about midway through who each have medical patches over their right eye. What happened there?)

Hogsberg's previous work includes Faces of New York, where he walked the streets of New York for a month, seven hours a day, looking for people whose faces intrigued him. He found 10. He photographed the people, then had them talk for a bit.

More of Hogsberg's work here.

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