{contest} have you got a book in you?

Blurb and other sponsors are offering a $25,000 first prize for your photo book. There are three categories -- Fine Art, Editorial and Commercial, and the deadline for submission is July 16. The $35 entry fee allows you to submit multiple entries.

I've used Blurb and been really happy with the results. And their page templates are far superior to LuLu's.

Here's how to enter.


  1. Personally I'm always a little suspicious about entry fees in photo contests, a disturbing trend that makes me feel photographers are basically being milked by promises of fame and publication, while the organizers garner some decent revenue at little set up cost. $25K sure is a good prize though :)

  2. Yah, I'm with you on that. But I like Blurb, and it's a good kick in the butt ...