{local} Here's pie in your eye

What makes hundreds of people gather at one of the best-known intersections in San Francisco (the Powell Street cable car turnaround near Union Square) and throw pies at one another? We don't know. But we support it. There are worse ways to busy up a Thursday evening. The pie fight comes fresh on the heels of the Valentine's Day pillow fight at the Ferry Building and the grilled cheese competition in Dolores Park, and a couple of days before this year's urban Iditarod and Brides of March festivities.

The starting point for tomorrow's Iditarod (03/07) is supposed to be secret to keep the crowds down, so don't tell anyone that you can find out all about it over here.

And you can find out everything you need to know about next Saturday's Brides of March over here.

Yes, San Francisco is different. It always has been. (Photos below have links to more):

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