{local} a Warhol factory party

The East Bay Express and Amoeba music are looking to answer the question, what would Warhol's space look like now? From the Express:
Step into the world of Andy Warhol and his original 1960s New York City Factory. ... an Emeryville warehouse (is turned) upside down for a night of live art, film making, musical performances, and theatrical art forms.
A portion of this event features a re-creation of Andy Warhol's Factory, including a screening of 13 Most Beautiful People… Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests (Plexifilm DVD, out 3/24) and live production of art in the style and process performed by Andy Warhol, including silk screening, filming, and painting.

Velvet Underground Cover Bands will perform --- Dress in your 1960s best!

Visitors are encouraged to bring a can of Campbell's soup for the Alameda County Food Bank.

Admission: Free
It starts at 6, at 1343 Powell Street in Emeryville. More info over here.

Info on the continuing Warhol show at the deYoung is here.


  1. We are VERY excited about this event and will be there with our boots on....

  2. Thanks for posting this, John!
    Hope you had a great time.