"It was like the city was whispering in my ear"

When Stephanie de Rouge emigrated to New York City from France two years ago, she felt very unfamiliar in the big city. To get to know the place better, she took a walk with a camera. A long walk -- 15 miles all the way up Broadway from the southern tip of Manhattan to the Bronx. And she took rolls and rolls of overlapping black and white pictures on her Holga. Why a Holga and not a digital camera? "Because I think it would lose all the sexiness ... just the magic of it."

The result is a stream-of-consciousness set of images, one pictue blending into the next, just the way the neighborhoods do.

The New York Times has an audio/visual slideshow here. You can see more at Stephanie's website.

(with a shoutout to Dave)

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  1. Thanks John for writting about my first encounter with New York City, it was an exciting experience and it is great to be able to share it on your blog.
    And thanks for what you do.
    Hope we'll meet somewhere sometimes