{local} round up the usual suspects

San Francisco authorities say they are "seriously considering" cracking down on "flash mob" activities, according to a breathless SFGate story today. "Seriously considering." Those are words that editors put on stories to try to give them a news peg. Except in this case, it's not really a lead. It's just a lame excuse for catching up a week, a month, a year after the fact. Oh, and by the way, it gives you a cover to run photos you wouldn't run in the paper, because what happened wasn't really news. Oh, except 3,000 people showed up for the Valentine's Day pillow fight, and we didn't have a word on it, so we better do something. Sheesh. I love the Chronicle more than most people. (Maybe even more than Delfin Vigil.) But this is so lame. You want to be relevant to your readership? Normally cretinous radio shouter Jim Rome has a motto that applies here: "Have a take, and do not suck."

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  1. Once again the Chronicle shows why it's so out of step with the community it claims to report on ....first they rip on the Tonga Room and put down people who like it, now this.

    At the rate they are gutting their news staff, I wonder if it'll just become a reprint of the AP and other wire services, and charge 3x as much...and be even more out of touch with what people want to read about.