What if you could take the same picture 30 years later?

British amateur photographer and paramedic Chris Porsz likes to take pictures around his home town of Peterborough. Over the years, he's put together quite a large body of work. But in recent years he's become fascinated with the idea of re-creating some of the pictures he took in the early '80s. But he wouldn't be satisfied with then-and-now photographs of buildings or intersections -- he wanted to track down the people in his pictures and get them to re-create the moment he captured 30 years ago.

Porsz got a local newspaper to help; they'd run the original photographs with an appeal for information. And some of the  subjects have come forward. The amazing thing is, these weren't posed photographs. Porsz didn't know any of his subjects; they were captured as he practiced his street photography.

"I love capturing spontaneous moments and taking pictures of people," he told the Mail Online. "If something caught my eye, I would snap it. But if I'd asked the subjects to pose, it would have ruined it."

Porsz is continuing his project and hopes to eventually produce a book.

More images and a story are over here.