{video} You just have to hope that Obama's new dog doesn't have issues like this

I know, I know, this one has been around awhile, but it just reached me. Wow.

I do a fair amount of talking in my sleep, and when I was younger I'd replay basketball games, with shouts and jumps and bumps, all from the comfort of my bed. But this poor dog, Bizkit, has to be verrrrry tired when it wakes up. It clearly doesn't get much rest at night.


  1. Oh Dada! This poor puppy! I've seen this before and i found it hilarious/heartbreaking at the same time. Not surprised to find it here...

  2. oh what rich inner lives we lead.. or can

  3. i hadn't seen this until you posted, must have watched it 10 times last night? Enzo sometimes has some serious dreams, but NOTHING like this, this is brilliant