Turn that building into a video game? OK! {local}

I didn't get to see this, dammit, but it sure is cool. The people at Obscura Digital made the old Mint building at the corner of Fifth and Mission look like something out of an animated movie. From the description:
So this was a really sweet project. Ricky and the boys hoisted 5 20K Christies up to the 4th floor balcony overlooking the plaza. The other two were stacked away on the ground and off at a 40 degree angle from the smaller building.

We modeled the entire space in 3D and then created media for it in 3DSMax. Very cool.

The media we created was designed to work directly with the architecture and synchronized to a music track created by our own Alex Oropeza. Some of the new guys did some really amazing work with the media, and the FireFrame software did the trick by synchronizing and blending all the projectors and fitting it perfectly with the old SF Mint building.

The project was commissioned by one of our clients, McAfee, who are great to work with and really creative.
I don't know WHY they did it, but the fact they CAN do it is enough for me. Please put me on the mailing list.


  1. The video clip is good. Putting some effects on the building made it looked like some graphical presentation in Games. Wish I can learn some of that thing.

  2. Excellent! Beautifully done. I love it... I saw that effects in Addicting Games I usually play. Cool!