a whole new take on nikon vs. canon

Who needs boring discussions about crosspoint autofocus or fps or lens choices? Cut to the chase:
I'm a Canon gangsta
and you're a Nikon shorty
face the facts but hey look on the bright side
at least we're not a Pentax!
And from Joey L's very excellent blog, a note about his new rap career:
Yeah I can take pictures, but I can bust a rhyme too. I don't even know how I should begin this blog... except... that... My alter ego is born. Okay, it's true- I have started a gangster rap crew which refuses to rap about anything non photo-related. Actually, we can't rap about anything else simply because we don't know about anything else.
Yeah, polish my lens.

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  1. thanks for sharing the linbk to Joey's blog - some stunning stuff there...

    completely agree though - which sell out shoots pentax?!