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The word is getting out (thanks in great part to Photojojo, which we also love) about Pictory. What a great new way to find outstanding work on the internets, from some of the most engaging photographers (and people) around.

The first issue, produced by one-woman show Laura Bruno Miner, features guest design and photography from Steph Goralnick and pictures from Lomokev, aka Kevin Meredith, plus the work of 23 other people on the theme "Overseas and Overwhelmed." (Check it out for yourself over here.)

In Steph's very entertaining feature interview, she gives the lowdown on Phootcamp, NYC doings and the (upward) arc of her creative career, plus lots of other fun things. (I am proud to say I have one of Steph's rings, gifted to me as we discussed (futile) attempts at keeping camera gear safe in the sandstorms of Burning Man.)

Pictory's emphasis is on storytelling, in words and pictures. All photographs have detailed captions that let you know what's going on, and where. And that's one of the main requirements for submitting to Pictory -- you have to write good captions.

The magazine is a beautifully presented collection of work that takes best advantage of the visual storytelling tools available in the digital age, while still acknowledging the power and importance of the written word.

Nice going, Laura. All that work is paying off.

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