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Want to be a better tennis player? Play against somebody who's better than you. Want to be a better writer? Read the people you admire. And if you want to be a better photographer, look at some really good work.

Flickr is fun and encouraging, and there's lots of really good work to sample. But there's a lot that's not so hot, and there's a lot that feels more like Facebook than photography. The social networking ramble ain't restful, as Satchel Paige might have said. It can be a huge distraction and keep you mired in mediocrity. So work in some time looking at things that will take you from where you are to where you really want to go.

PDN's Photo Annual 2009 has been out for a litle while now, and it's a great place to see some of the best current work of the world's leading photographers, all brought together in one package. And if you're wrestling with how to design your website, take a look at the award-winners in that category. It might help you articulate what kind of presentation you're trying to achieve.

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