Get the truth about your photos

Gary Fong gives extremely valuable photo critiques at the We Are Photographers photo site.

This isn't the Gary Fong who sells the Lightsphere and other flash modifiers. This is the Gary Fong who, among other things, has been a jurist for the Pulitzer Prize, been a judge for the Picture of the Year competition run by the National Press Photographers Association, was twice named the Photographer of the Year by the California Press Photographers Association, and five times was named the Photographer of the Year by the SF Bay Area Press Photographers Association.

You want credentials? He's got credentials.

If you'd like to improve your photography, and especially if you want to become a better photojournalist, Gary has opinions worth listening to. I haven't summoned the courage to undergo one of his critiques, but I sure learn a lot from reading what he has to say about the work of other photographers. Gary tells the truth, and that's a rare gift.

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  1. John, You are so right! Gary's life as an amazing photojournalist and photographer is legendary, winning all those awards and acomplishments, I lost count. I am one of those many photographers who learned a lot from him as I was an emerging photojournalist and photographer. He would always come back with amazing photographs and I would wonder "how did he do that!" His photographs inspired me as well as many other photographers. He's a great person and a great teacher helping others. Craig Lee