A new photo blog at the Times

(Photo by Danny Wilcox Frazier)

The New York Times has launched a new photo blog, and, as you would expect, it's extremely well-executed. The navigation is simple and clear, the quality of the photos is stunning, and the ambition of the photographers and the photography is high.

That's all to the good.

What's maybe not so good is that Lens features work that might not be able to find a home in the paper itself, which doesn't say good things about the paper's priorities. The work is good enough for the website, but not good enough for the paper. Ouch.

An editor of mine once said that the toughest thing about putting out a newspaper was not deciding what to put in it, but deciding what to leave out. But we'll take the positive view that the web provides a place for what otherwise not might find a home. And we applaud the efforts of the people at the Times who did the hard work of launching the site, and it'll be a regular stop on our daily web visits.

More on the site from Photo District News, here.

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