Which Phone Has the Best Camera? Gizmodo Takes a Look

With the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S4, Gizmodo decided it was time to take another look at which phones has the best camera. Their verdict? It's not The S4, and it's not the iPhone 5.

Here's what they have to say

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  1. oh my!! ever heard of the Nokia 808 Pureview?? ...Anyone who is into photography will be amazed by this 41 megapixel lens..its voted the most advanced camera in a phone to date & unmatched by any iphone5 or samsung s4. Its a 5 yr in the making lens that's why it has a hump on its back..you cant sacrifice hardware for software...even audio has HAAC technology (high amplitude audio capture)...check out youtube videos about it and smartphone cam photo comparissons just to prove my point...the only con is the OS which is the last symbian by Nokia..i doubt if anyone would dare prove me wrong...